History On Their Doorstep

We are shaped by the environment we live in.The place where we live becomes part of us. It is as special to us as our own unique name. The community around us as well as the sights, sounds and events of our local area are deeply imprinted in our memories for life.  To be proud of our own place is to be proud of our own names, our families and our community.

Fifth class pupils with their teacher Mr Tomás McGrath were given a guided tour of Holycross Village by members of Holycross Community Network. It was the first ever official school tour of Holycross Village. John Bourke and Tom Gallagher guided them through 1,500 years of history.  The tour included folk stories, information about characters from the past, accounts of the built heritage and WW I heroes. And all this did not include the historic Abbey itself. The pupils worked in pairs to complete the worksheets that helped to reinforce the huge amount of history to be found on their doorstep. We hope the children now further realise how special their own place is.

Group tours of the Village and Abbey are provided on request by Holycross Community Network at 086 1665869 or e-mail holycrossabbeytours @gmail.com.  

History on their Doorstep