Fifth Class

Hi Fifth Class,

I hope you are all keeping well and safe! We are really lucky that the weather is improving so I hope you are getting lots of exercise in, be it hitting a ball or skipping in the sunshine, or whatever exercise you enjoy! I know how much you all love P.E.!

I am looking forward to seeing you all back in our school in the future, and listening to all your magical stories! I miss saying ‘Good Morning’ to you and starting an exciting school day at Scoil Michéal Naofa with you all. I have planned a few fun activities that you might like to do at home. I have no doubt that you will be super creative and design and complete some of these with great enthusiasm! It would be lovely if you kept a learning log and just wrote in it what you did each day so I could see it when we return to our school.

‘Slán’ agus ‘Tóg go bog é’,

Miss Coffey.

Dear Parent(s),

I hope you too are all keeping well. This is a strange time for all of us. I can’t wait to be back in the classroom with all our children and enjoying all the wonderful things we do in Scoil Michéal Naofa, as a strong school community, all together again.

I have compiled a list of activities based on parts of the curriculum that your child might like to choose from and complete over a two week period starting Monday, 23rd March. This is a new concept so I am available at if you, as the parent, have any queries regarding this work, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. (Please remember this is a platform for communication between parents and the teacher.)

This list is not prescriptive. If it suits you and your child on a particular day to engage in some of these activities then that is great. If not, that is no problem.

Finally, I just want to wish you all good health.

Thanking you,

Teresa Coffey.


Oral Language

Tongue Twisters

  • Susie shaved seven shy sheep!
  • A proper copper coffeepot!
  • The sun shines on shop signs!
  • A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies!

Reading: Read at Home/Library Book

  • Week 1: pg. 101-104
  • Week 2; pg. 105-107

Speaking/Listening Game with 2+ people.

  • Read a sentence e.g. The cat jumped the fence. Then re –read the sentence leaving a word out. e.g. The cat ----- the fence. See can they identify which word you left out! i.e.jumped. (Find sentences in your ‘Read at Home’ to use)

Word Work

Think of as many English words as you can. Make a list.

  • Week 1: ‘---less’ words e.g. ruthless or ‘qu’ words e.g. question
  • Week 2: ‘ough’ words e.g enough or ‘le’ words e.g. little


  • Free Writing ( e.g. a ‘Diary Entry’)
  • Compose a Limerick (5 line ‘Silly Poem’)
  • Practise Typing


Oral Language

  • Use simple phrases at home e.g. Tá mé ar muin na muice!
  • Revise Aimsir Láithreach at your pace

  • Watch ‘Deir Seamus’ with Subtitles and discuss afterwards

  • Watch Cúla 4 and discuss afterwards

Reading :

Read the e-leathanach. (One section every two/three days perhaps)

Word Work

Think of as many Irish words as you can. Make a list.

  • Week 1: ‘c’ and ‘ch’ words e.g. cat, ceann......chuaigh, chuala
  • Week 2: ‘t’ and ‘th’ words e.g. teach, tá..... tháinig, thosaigh


  • Free writing as Gaeilge (have a look back through copy/hardback for inspiration, copy out suitable sentences, add to them)

OR draw pictures and label.



Week 1; X6, Week 2: X7

Problem Solving

Use Maths Eyes (link to one below)

Premier League Maths Challenges- Go To;Main Activity -Stick with Maths Puzzles Year 3-4 (Presentation)

Planet Maths

Week 1: pg. 26/27 Exercise A, B, C, and D.

Week 2: pg. 102/103 Exercise A,B, C, and D.


Bake with an adult! We had just starting working on ‘Weight’ in school and we were definitely going to have fun baking at some stage!


Project work.

Use powerpoint/glogster/copybook.

Pick one topic covered recently in school;

  • Nelson Mandela
  • WWI
  • Eanna NÍ Lamhna-The Poppy, The Kestrel and the Hazel
  • Light as a form of Energy
  • Lakes/Rivers/Mountains/Bays/Islands of Ireland (Maybe one physical feature you have visited or where a relation lives)

Practise the tin whistle

Practise skills in PE like bouncing a ball (tennis/basketball/football), kicking a ball, shooting into a designated space e.g. a bucket, throwing and catching a ball.


Theme of Friendship

  • We had just started talking about friendships this month. It might be nice to make a collage of all the things that remind you of a good friend (in school/at sports clubs/a cousin etc ) e.g pictures of ice-creams, slides, John Doyle centre, and to write the reasons why each picture reminds you of your friend.
  • Make a friendship bracelet for them.
  • Practise acts of kindness in your house e.g write an ‘I love you’ note and leave it on someone’s pillow.
  • Try some meditation using Smiling Mind

  • Or Cosmic Yoga

Religious Education

Topic: Lent/Easter

Discuss Lent and Easter with your family.

Practise prayer for Confirmation Mass-Nicene Creed/Apostles’ Creed pg. 146