Fourth Class

Hello to all the parents and children of fourth class in Holycross NS. I don’t think I need to talk on the difficulties and challenges that we are all currently facing. As well as missing out on meeting up with family and friends I am also missing the company of your wonderful children each day. Hopefully this Pandemic will come to an end or a calm in the coming weeks or months and we can get back to our classrooms as soon as safely possible. Parents please send my regards to your child, each and every child in fourth class is wonderful and unique in their own wonderful ways. My classroom is full of intelligence, wit, humour, knowledge and bursting with personality and I really do miss that. As you are all aware it is very difficult to keep up with our education in these unforeseen circumstances. As fourth class teacher I have put together some tips and ideas that may allow us to continue educating from home.

Parents please do not feel under any pressure or in turn pressure your child to cover all of the proposed work listed in the pack below. This work is set out just to help us get through the monotony of the coming weeks and to keep our children’s brains engaged. Please see below a table with proposed topics for the various curricular areas and underneath the table a breakdown of possible/proposed ways to keep on top of school work in all areas of the Primary curriculum. If you have any questions about work over the coming days please contact me on

As it may not be possible for me to look over all of this work, it would be great if parents/older siblings can help 4th class cover some of their work during this time.

Parents if you have a spare A4 hardback/copybook/refill pad that your child could use for work during the coming weeks I would be very grateful.

I am aware that not every child will have access to some of the resources listed below, be it internet access or access to physical resources. Parents please don’t stress as these are just some guidelines and tips from me to help us all through the coming weeks.

It would be really nice if your child could keep a journal or a log of the bits of work that they get through in the coming weeks, this log can be a personal reflection. This would be very useful to look back on what we have learnt during the time of the school closure.


Read at Home, Lets Go, Authors chair,News2Day, Handwriting


Loving and caring for each other


Religion Education:

Mindfulness, Lent, quiet prayer and pray together as a family.

Physical Education:

10@10, GAA skills, walk the dog, walk/run as a family


Sa Bhaile, Focló to learn verbs, use Google translate, Cúpla focail at home each day, draw and label as Gaeilge.


Junk Art, Art based on Gaeilge 3D room labelled as Gaeilge


Buzzing Flea warm up, Song singing, make a home music video using body percussion/ homemade musical instruments. Improvisation.


Daily 10, Folens online free registration, Revision of tables, textbook work and worksheets available.


Schools and Games in the past revision, Plants that grow in our climate, towns, cities, provinces, countries and continents

English/Religion/SPHE/PE (23rd March -4th April)

  • English: It would be lovely if we could take a few minutes each night to allow our children to read a page of our “Read at Home” (85-94) and to just allow them to fill you in all about what they have just read. Questioning and chatting about a topic is where the learning takes place (in my opinion).
  • The “Lets Go” textbook has some excellent extracts. We had been working on “Henrietta” on pages 70-79). If your child can finish the work on these pages this week. Next week ask your child to pick their favourite extract to work on.
  • News 2Day is something that we have often used as a stimulus for an oral language English lesson. Why not give it a go if you have some spare time. News 2Day is a good source of news for our children and will discuss relevant and interesting topics each week.
  • As it was World Book Week not so long ago what we done a few times in school was set up a chair and named it “The Authors Chair”. Basically it is a chair where the child sits and informs you all about the book they have read, this chair is where your child can answer questions and queries about their chosen book.
  • If you can/have collected your child’s handwriting book encourage them to take some time each week to practice this.
  • As part of SPHE It would be great if parents can just talk to their children and reassure them that we will get through this difficult period. Remind your children of how much you and your family/friends care for and love them. If you can find some mindfulness colouring sheets online perhaps. After you have spoken encourage your child to take time out to colour and relax. Tip: find nice relaxing mindfulness music to play whilst your child takes time to unwind and relax the mind whilst colouring.
  • Suggestion for Religion: It would be nice to monitor how our child is doing during Lent. Tell our children what we know about the 40 days of Lent and speak with them about your own perception and experiences on traditions and values during this period of our Religion calendar. Take time out to pray at home (even if you just take a minute or two to pray in your own head and in your own time, asking God to keep us all safe during this difficult time.
  • PE tips: I am sure your children are itching to get fresh air and exercise at every given opportunity but are in no doubt missing the company of their friends/peers/teammates. If weather does not permit outdoor exercise why not give the 10 @ 10 a go. Your children will be familiar with this from rainy days in school for PE. For the GAA enthusiasts keep an eye on GAA clubs twitters for daily skills that can be done from home (throw and catch, puck left and right off wall etc)
  • Links to useful sites are listed below:

Gaeilge/Art/Music (23rd March -4th April)

  • Before the break we had started on the theme of Sa Bhaile in Gaeilge. It would be nice to get this chapter looked over and some work completed.
  • The Irish textbook we use in school is Bua na Cainte and the topic of “Sa Bhaile” is on pages 141-158.
  • I do not expect all children to get work completed on this chapter but it would be good to aim to get some work from each page on this chapter completed.
  • I appreciate that it will be difficult for the children to learn their Gaeilge from home.
  • For Parents please use as much Gaeilge around the house as you can even if it is just the odd word (cúpla focail). Some online Resources are listed below to help with completing the work
  • As the topic of division was the last topic we were doing before the break here is some work our 4th class can be doing to brush up on our division.
  • A nice activity in Gaeilge would be to draw and label (as Gaeilge) some rooms in your own house. Why not take this as your Visual Art work for the next fortnight. Ideas for art could be to use a shoebox to use as a room in your house. Stock your shoebox with 3d items that resemble a bed (leaba) maybe a matchbox, Teilifís (Tv), mirror (scáthán) etc. use innovation to stock and label your shoebox. If you can’t make your Art lesson 3D it would be nice to take ideas from the textbook to help draw and label items and rooms in our house (teach).
  • It would be good to keep on top of our verbs in the past, present and future tense. A website I use often for this is Focló This is a brilliant website that again is very easy to use. The two verbs I would focus on from this chapter is caith (to throw) and Cuir (to put). Focloir offers English to Irish translations if you put the words throw and put into the search engine at the top of the page a list of associated phrases and words will appear. Scroll down until you see verb written beside your chosen verb. Then there should appear a box that will allow you to change the verb into the past present and future tense. It would be great if the children can look over their verbs and maybe write them down in the three different tenses.
  • Music: incorporate ceoil into Gaeilge learning.
  • Music warm ups I like are Bananas of the world and the Buzzing flea vocal warm ups (Youtube)
  • Some song suggestions: Oró sé do Bheatha Bhaile, Abair Leat (karaoke with words on youtube)

Maths (23rd March -4th April)

  • As the topic of division was the last topic we were doing before the break here is some work our 4th class can be doing to brush up on our division.
  • Pages 104-108 in our Planet Maths covers the topic of Division2. Planet maths is a Folens book, Folens are offering free online resources to both teachers and parents during this difficult period (, register, fill in username email and password, for roll number use code Prim20). If you can’t access the online book hopefully it can be arranged that your textbooks can be collected from the school if you do not already have them brought home.
  • Why not start our division homework with some quick-fire division questions on the Daily 10 website (link below). The daily 10 website is very easy to navigate choose level 4 and the topic of division. You can allow a set amount of time to answer questions (15/20 seconds recommended) or manually move the questions once your child has found the answer.
  • I hope these tips for ways to keep on top of our Maths are in some way helpful, if you or your child has a question or query please don’t hesitate to ask me a question on the following email address (please allow time to respond)

Topmarks Daily 10 website

Long Division with no remainders link to worksheet with answers:

Long Division with remainders link to worksheet with answers:

SESE (23rd March -4th April)

  • SESE: In regards to SESE subjects I am just going to offer some suggestions for you and your children to try over the next fortnight.
  • History: The last two topics that we explored in History was “School life in the Past” and “Games and Cultures in the Past”. If possible/time and resource permitting could your child do a project on these to topics combined. Why not interview (over the phone) a Granny/Grandad that was either educated/ took part in games and exercise in the past. If you have access to resources to play games from the past why not play these games with your children. Take pictures of these games and make a banner/poster with information on games and education in the past, try get pictures of old school/games equipment and record some quotes from the interview with an older person on this topic.
  • Science: We have recently experimented in school with ways to make a rainbow. See if your child can remember the various ways to do so and on the next sunny day experiment with making our own rainbow. I was hoping to move onto sowing weeds and growing plants in the coming weeks. If you have expertise in this area and have access to seeds for growing various plants it would be great if you could share your knowledge and expertise on this process with your children.
  • Geography: Keep an eye out for various towns/cities and counties in Ireland on the news over the coming weeks. Question your children on these counties e.g what province is Galway in etc. Listen out for countries and continents all over the world and share your own geographical knowledge with your children over the coming weeks.
  • House Chores: why not make the most out of having your children at home over the coming weeks. Make up a Weekly Chores Sheet and allow a reward if the Chore sheet is completed. Tips:
  • Teach your children some basic cooking skills and allow them to cook a simple meal for you/your family under supervision.
  • Get your children out to the garden (pull weeds, water plants, etc)
  • Walk the dog, tidy sheds, sweep the yard etc etc ( I am sure ye will find loads hahha)