Senior Infants

School Closure Activities Senior Infants

23rd March - 3rd April

Dear Parents,

The following are some activities that your child can complete over the next two weeks. This is not mandatory but a collection of revision tasks your child can complete.

Cutting exercises can be done once a week.


Number formation sheet and two pages of Colour by 2D shapes They can also complete pages 28 and 29 in their Planet Maths book. Count to 10. Count 10 things in the room.

English Reading is so important. Read to and listen to your child's reading each day if possible. Simple books they may have read are perfect. They are to read for enjoyment. Ask them to draw a picture about their favourite part of the book or character and explain why they picked it. Writing They can write three sentences (colour, size, texture, number etc) about the pictures in their copy books. Two pictures a week can be attempted. Look back and revise their high frequency words, pick three words each day. Can they name and recognise the word? There are lots of titles available on the following link that will allow your child to read and also to listen to stories!/

Sounds in Action - page 52 - ring the correct word Sounds in Action - page 53 - Rhyming families Sounds in Action - page 54 - Match the sticker

Go With the Flow - page 52 - Letter U Corresponding letter in the smaller book Go With the Flow - page 53 - Letter Q Corresponding letter in the smaller book

Gaeilge - revision of St Patrick’s Day Vocabulary and colouring sheet in pack

SESE There is no set workbook for these subjects. Looking after yourself - sheets can be found in the folder.

Art Vincent van Gogh - click on the link and request free access. Online videos all about the artist Two art sheets

Music - Listen and move to a different Gonoodle song each day. Good activity to keep children moving.

Useful Websites - if you can't click directly on a website just type the address into the search bar. click student resources