Sixth Class

Hi 6th Class,

I hope you are all keeping well and safe. Thankfully we have better weather than we had on our Heritage Trip to Fertiana last week! I presume that you are all using this time to exercise out the back with whatever pastime you like. Hopefully we will all be back to school soon. In the meantime I have put together some work to keep you all ticking over. Some activities will be fun to do, some will be revision of topics that we have already covered. If possible you can keep all written work in your A4 hardback homework copy (glue in glogsters and any worksheets), use your maths copy for maths work. I hope to see you all again soon.

Take Care and Stay Safe,

Mr. McGrath

Dear Parent(s)’

I hope you are all keeping well too. This is an unprecedented time for our school and our country. I have put together a list of work and ideas that support our curriculum that your child might like to work at over the two week period starting next Monday 23rd of March. I have also included some websites that they may enjoy also.

This list is not prescriptive. If your child can engage in some or all of this work that would be great. If possible I would like them to keep any work they do in their A4 Hardback Homework Copy and Maths Homework Copy.

I am available at if you have any questions regarding the work I have set.

Thanking you,

Tomás McGrath


New Wave Mental Maths – Weeks 25 & 26 (Time your Friday Test @ 7 minutes)

Planet Maths ( we will revise some of the concepts already covered)

Week 1

Fractions 1

  • Page 46 B & C, (Improper fractions to Mixed Numbers and Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions)
  • Page 48 A. Q.1 & 2 (don’t forget common denominator)
  • Page 48 C. Q.2
  • Revise Division Tables 5&6

Week 2

Fractions 2

  • Page 59 B. Q.2 & 3 (Multiplying a fraction by a fraction)
  • Page 60 A. Q.2
  • Page 60 C. Q.3
  • Revise Division Tables 5&6
  • Play Maths Games Online



My Read at Home:

Read an extract each day and answer the 5 comprehension questions

Week 1

  • Pages 93 – 96

Week 2

  • Pages 97 – 100


  • See how many words ending with –tial, and words with “graph”(e.g. graphic/autograph)and make a list of them.

English Writing:

Procedural Writing on “How to Make and Assemble a Nesting Box”

Remember the steps procedural writing - Title, Materials, Steps & Evaluation (Did it work well? How could you improve it?)

It might be a nice activity to keep a Daily Diary while you are off.

Read your own library book and class reader

Read you own book of choice and Write a Review/Book Report using the following headings

  • Title:
  • Author:
  • Illustrator:
  • Characters:
  • Setting:
  • Plot:
  • My favourite character was…because…
  • What I liked about the book was……
  • What I disliked about the book was……..
  • How many stars?
  • Design your own front cover for the book.

Free Writing (any topic)

Practice your typing:-




  • Assemble your Nesting box and Paint the Exterior using a water-based product (Fencelife)

Below are the hole sizes for which bird you would like the nesting box for:

  • 25mm or larger for Blue Tit and Coal Tit.
  • 28mm or larger for Great Tit and Tree Sparrow.
  • 32mm for House Sparrow.
  • Create a Glogster about your chosen bird.


  • Use the Ordnance Survey Maps on to find a local Ring Fort near you.
  • If possible measure the diameter by stepping it and write it down.
  • Take a photo of it - print and stick it into HW Copy.


  • Use your Atlas to fill in Work Sheet on France – Mountains, Seas, Rivers, Bays & Cities

Visual Art:

  • Draw and colour/paint what a Ring Fort looked like in the past


  • Practice acts of kindness around the house.
  • Help your parents with jobs around the house.
  • Play with younger siblings
  • Keep in touch with your friends.
  • Mindfulness Colouring Sheet
  • Try and bake scones for your family (Recipe will be included with any worksheets)



  • Practice your hurling, football, soccer, basketball, running every day.
  • Stay active – go for walks, runs, hikes, cycles.
  • Stay healthy

Other useful websites: